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25 septiembre, 2020

Dichotomy of Happiness

The story behind two very different yet surprisingly similar paintings. I was creating paintings to be presented at Nuk-Cuxta “big life” an art expo featuring the […]
7 agosto, 2020

Why did we choose to volunteer at the Join Foundation?

We are a young married couple who for a long time had the desire to contribute our time, knowledge and experience to motivate children and young […]
24 enero, 2020

My first visit to Guatemala: a lesson in human warmth

  I am a firm believer in a for-purpose business model. I believe business owners should not only focus on financial reports but rather on making […]
6 agosto, 2019

The adventure that makes the invisible become visible

A dream is something we cannot see with our physical eyes, but we can visualize with our mind (vision). The challenge is to make the invisible […]