The adventure that makes the invisible become visible

Jimmy Perez
2 agosto, 2019
Victoria Bala
14 noviembre, 2019

A dream is something we cannot see with our physical eyes, but we can visualize with our mind (vision). The challenge is to make the invisible visible, that is, to make our vision tangible. How to make the invisible visible?

Tony Robbins is a successful and renowned author, lecturer, entrepreneur and philanthropist.

He affirms that “Setting goals is the first step in making the invisible visible.” At the Join Foundation we also believe that the path to our dreams begins with setting goals. But where to start?

Today I want to share with you a system to set goals that will lead us to achieve a dream. This is a simple and easy process to implement every time we write our goals, and its applications to everyday life have very good results.

It’s about dividing our big dream into small, medium and large sections. In this way, what seems impossible to achieve at this precise moment, the invisible, can become something that our physical eyes can see, something visible. It will take a certain amount of time and work to reach each of the established small sections or goals. But with each of the goals that we reach, we will be closer to our dream, it is a process of transformation and personal growth.

Let’s use our imagination for a moment, imagine that we were going to undertake an expedition to climb a very high mountain with peaks rising above the clouds. Right there, on the highest peak, is our dream. I am sure that nobody who comes up with climbing the mountain will achieve it overnight. But if we intend to climb a small section of a hill every weekend, and work to develop our resistance by exercising every day, that small hill will no longer be a challenge, and we will pass to a small mountain, and then to a volcano, and so on. successively. The day will come when we will be ready to undertake the expedition. Those peaks that rise above the clouds will no longer be impossible to reach, we will conquer them!

The most exciting thing about this process is that every little achievement brings us closer to our dream, and what seemed impossible to achieve, is becoming less and less impossible. It is a process that fills with energy and inspires us to continue fighting for our dreams. It is an adventure that makes the invisible become visible!

Luis Yon
Join Foundation Intl