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Success Stories

2 agosto, 2019

Jimmy Perez

He was born in Patzun, Guatemala. After her father passed away, her family had to move to Chimaltenango, a larger city where her mother would find […]
2 agosto, 2019

Carla Ujpan

She joined our program in 2014, we were told by teachers that her IQ was not sufficient to make it in a private school and that […]
2 agosto, 2019

Sandy Ujpan

She joined our program in 2014. She graduated as an accountant in 2016, she was the first of her family to graduate from high school. When […]
2 agosto, 2019

Ujpan Sisters

This story begins with the concern of a father for the education of his daughters, Carlos Ujpan, he was a labor worker at a construction company. […]
2 agosto, 2019

Yonatan Bala

When we met Yonatan, he was 18 years old, he lived with his parents and 10 brothers in a small farm that her mother inherited a […]
2 agosto, 2019

Juan Carlos Hernandez

As a young boy, Juan Carlos was abandoned by his father, who then kicked him and his mom out of their home, leaving them homeless and […]

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