Victoria Bala

The adventure that makes the invisible become visible
6 agosto, 2019
My first visit to Guatemala: a lesson in human warmth
24 enero, 2020

Victoria is a 25-year-old lady. She is not currently studying, the last grade he attended was 6th grade. His family is made up of 9 members, his two parents, and 6 more siblings. Victoria elaborates beautiful güipiles of all colors and sizes, güipiles is the most common traditional garment worn by indigenous women in Guatemala, which she sells and with that helps her family, however, the demand for them is low. Victoria dreams of continuing to study, continuing to train and preparing academically, since due to the economic situation they suffer as a family, Victoria could not continue studying. Victoria’s parents are farmers, they live with many limitations and resources are very scarce, Victoria’s mother can no longer listen, and her father suffered an accident and her leg was injured, this made it harder to work to support her family.

However, Victoria is an intelligent and creative girl with an attitude of self-improvement and service that we are sure will help her reach her goals. She dreams of being a doctor and making her help available to others through her profession, helping in her community, since doctors are scarce in it and the few who are charged too much for their services. She wishes she could change that.

Victoria, Join student since 2020