Jimmy Perez

Carla Ujpan
2 agosto, 2019
The adventure that makes the invisible become visible
6 agosto, 2019

He was born in Patzun, Guatemala. After her father passed away, her family had to move to Chimaltenango, a larger city where her mother would find better opportunities to support her family.

Jimmy’s mom worked selling tortillas outside her home, working from 5:30 a.m. at 8:00 p.m. every day, providing enough to survive.
But despite the financial problems, Jimmy had a great attitude towards learning. In 2014, he joined the school band, which is one of his favorite topics.

He joined our program in 2015. He received a full scholarship.

Jimmy’s family has received valuable guidance and advice through the mentoring program, Today, 4 years later, we are seeing the integral advance of the whole family, they have broken the circle of poverty. Jimmy’s mom has started her own business selling tortillas and he has been in the honor roll several times, they are moving towards a bright future.

We are very proud to continue helping Jimmy achieve his goals and dreams.