Ujpan Sisters

Yonatan Bala
2 agosto, 2019
Sandy Ujpan
2 agosto, 2019

This story begins with the concern of a father for the education of his daughters, Carlos Ujpan, he was a labor worker at a construction company. When we met the Ujpan family, they could not pay for the education of their daughters. Join foundation gave them a full scholarship.

The school informed Carlos that they needed internet service at home so the girls could do their homework.
At that time they lived in San Jose Pinula and there was no Internet signal in his community, so he insistently asked the internet companies to put that service in his community, so much was his insistence that finally an Internet company put an internet antenna near his house so that the signal will come and now not only their daughters had that service to continue studying but now a whole community would benefit from internet service.